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Kiwi DeFi is a pioneering cryptocurrency trading platform. Our advanced algorithms empower users with optimized strategies for trading. Experience real-time analytics, automated trading options, and personalized strategy advisories.


Use our cutting edge AI tools and eliminate emotions, fear, and greed to make systematic and consistent profitable trades!

Autonomously maximize your profits, manage, swap, and transfer your tokens with KiwiBot

Build your trading knowledge with the power of AI large language model tech. Talk trading all day with KiwiOracle.

A risk-free opportunity to generate income without the need to stake or pool your tokens. Our Revshare Program is second to none.

Maximize your profits and transform your trading strategy with Kiwi DeFi 🥝


Contract Address (ETH): 0xf858184f5F04AB02E787Dceadb00b04Ab96EF54e




Marketing and Development

A portion of sales tax (2% Each) revenue will be allocated to marketing and technological development. This allocation increases Kiwi's presence in the market, attracting new customers, and ensuring we stay ahead with the latest features and improvements.

Liquidity and Stability

Enhancing liquidity is a priority, with a portion of the taxes allocated to ensuring the $KIWI token maintains stability and is readily tradable. This facilitates a trustworthy and efficient market for users.

Airdrops and Community Rewards

Importantly, 1% of all taxes collected from transactions will be allocated to the Airdrop reward pool. This initiative is designed to reward the community’s engagement and loyalty, distributing value back to active participants and token holders, thereby reinforcing a vibrant and supportive ecosystem around $KIWI.


Kiwi DeFi is a fully built and tested crypto trading utility. We're launching in phases to gather user feedback and ensure a high-quality product for everyone.



Kiwi DeFi's tiered access platform provides exclusive access to algorithmic trading signals to various cryptocurrencies, TG bot, Web3 App, and educational resources.



The $KIWI Autonomous Trading Pool revolutionizes revenue sharing with its innovative approach and exclusive features. Driven by an advanced auto trading algorithm, it delivers consistent performance across the top cryptocurrency market assets.

Operating on a centralized exchange account, leveraging an initial $50k investment funded by the Kiwi team, it provides a no-risk source of income for members of our community.

Auto Trading Bot

Equipped with proprietary technology developed by the Kiwi team, compliments three key categories.

Community Revenue Sharing

50% of revenue generated by the ATP will be distributed among the top 30% Kiwi Token Holders with $ETH, excluding team members.


25% is reinvested into the ATB for compounding growth of trading account. Larger Account -> Larger Payouts

Liquidity Injection

The remaining 25% is allocated to the liquidity pool to ensure stability of the Kiwi Token. Enabling trades to occur smoothly, efficiently.

Trustless System

Ensures transparency and fairness in revenue distribution, fostering trust among participants without exposing members to financial risk.

Telegram Monitoring

Offering real-time insights and updates on fund operations via Telegram command prompt /ATP, allows participants to effortlessly monitor the bot's performance, profit, loss, and analytics.

Inclusive Participation

Members who did not reach the top 30% will be rewarded with the 1% generated from transactional taxes in AIRDROP wallet, evenly distributed in $ETH to holders with $500 worth or KIWI tokens or more.

Monthly Etherscan Sweep

Conducted to identify eligible recipients for revenue share, ensuring accuracy and fairness in distribution.

Award Distribution

Eligible holders receive their share monthly based on ATP performance.

Community Revshare Program


This dApp is a one-stop solution for traders with an intuitive, powerful platform that combines trading, analysis, and portfolio management.

Advanced Charting

Customizable charting tools and indicators for in-depth market analysis, tailored to members needs.

Algorithmic Signals on Charts

Automated buy and sell signals are plotted directly on the charts, providing clear visual cues for trading opportunities based on market data analysis.

Full Swap Utility

Allows for immediate trading directly from the chart interface, facilitating quick decision-making and transactions.

Partial Automated Trading

Enables users to close trades hands-free, according to predefined indicators and signals, to secure gains or minimize losses due to unforeseen market events.

Cost-Effective Trading

Minimizes fees and includes incentives for frequent traders to enhance cost efficiency.

Integrated Portfolio Dashboard

Consolidates multiple wallets and cryptocurrencies into one comprehensive view, making asset management straightforward.

Portfolio Performance Analysis

Real-time tracking and visual analytics offers metrics into investment performance.

Direct Portfolio Trading

Users can act on trading opportunities directly from their portfolio view, ensuring quick adjustments to market movements.